Cross-cultural research

An example preprint-- Children's Reasoning about Gender Norm Violations in the U.S. and Korea

Children in Korea make a larger distinction between public and private sheres in regard to violations of gender norms. However, in both culturesm childrne see gender norms as a matter of personal choice.

Young adults in the United States and Benin reason about gendered cultural traditions

College students in the U.S. and Benin, West Africa judge that consent is necessary but not sufficient for approval of cultural practices. However, U.S. studenst judge that there is much more connset to African cultural practices than African do.

Judgments of gender norm violations in children from the United States and Korea

Children in the U.S. and Korea differed in judgments of gender norm violation but not when there was a moral reason for the violation.

Adolescent and adult reasoning about gender roles and fairness in Benin, West Africa

Adolescents and adults approved of challenges to unfair gendered practices.